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I hereby express my great happiness that spring hills school is brining out third issue of it’s annual magazine ‘The Springhites’.

The school magazine is an excellent medium to help the students to express and improve their creative skills. It is a subtle celebration of children’s inner thought and feelings. I hope this magazine will be enriched with the valuable literary taste.

I am glad to say that spring hills school envision an education system that is based on inspiration and innovation, that kindles the dormant talents of it’s students. The students at the school learn to have a deep regard for Indian tradition and culture. They also learn to appreciate diverse faiths and beliefs and celebrate all major festivals with equal fervor.

School strives to instill in all it’s students strong leadership qualities, a sense of team work, fair play and desire to excel. Its goal is to provide an enriching, engaging and challenging curriculum that will prepare students for success in whatever field they choose.School endeavors to provide the best infrastructural facilities for memorable, enjoyable and wonderful school life to all its students.Spring Hills School will continue to impart knowledge with virtue and moral excellence, therefore instilling in each of its students the values of life.

I am with this firm belief that if we succeed in inculcating in them the internal values such as trust, honesty and services before self, our mission of imparting value based education will be fulfilled.In the last 14 year school has shown tremendous progress. We are growing in numbers and in school infrastructure I dedicate this success to the hard work and undying support of our staff, students and parents. I would like to commend the efforts of Principal Dr. D.P.Purohit Coordinator Ms. Somi, and our most dedicated teachers, who help us in bringing our aims and goals to fruition.

In conclusion, I would like to extend my gratitude and heartfelt congratulations to the editors Mr. P.P.Khanduri and his team for their commitment toward the publishing of third issue of ‘The Springhites’.

Bhupendera Farasi
(Managing Director)