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The payment of school fees will be as follows:

Fee for the month of Payable by
April + Annual Charges 10 April
May + June 10 May
July + Aug 10 July
September + October 10 September
Nov + Dec 10 Nov
January + February + March 10 January

Computer fee of Rs. 500/. is payable for Class Ist to IVth

It is paid in two installments of Rs .250/- each . A late fee fine of Rs .5/.per month will be charged after the due date.

All fees are to be paid strictly in advance as mentioned above .Payment will only be accepted through a bank draft or in cash cheques will not be accepted .Drafts should be made in favor of SPRING HILLS SCHOOL.

  • Those who do not pay the fees by the due date will have to pay a fine of Rs. 5/.per month thereafter. Any delay of payment beyond two month renders a pupil’s name to be struck off the rolls. Admission charges will be taken at the time of re -admission.
  • A child present during any portion of a month will be charged for the whole month. No reduction of fees will be made on account of holiday /forced closure or temporary absence for any cause whatsoever.
  • A student admitted into the class will have to pay all charges of the term irrespective of his joining. No reduction of fees (Tuition or Extras) will be made on grounds that the student was not present in the school.
  • No student can commence a new term whose fees for the preceding term remains unpaid.
  • School Fees & Other Charges : The school fees and other casual charges are mentioned above.