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Principal’s Message

Transformation of the inner personality of a Person is the basic concept of education

Education plays a vital role in every aspect of one’s life. A person who understands the true practical applicability of education becomes successful in life. Being a student, merely reading the textual things, scoring good marks is not important. Education becomes worthwhile on the day when a student is fully able to understand how education can transform his/her life and how such transformation can help his/her family members and society.

It is a matter of great pride for me to pen down the message for our school magazine ‘The Springhites’. The essence of knowledge lies in a spirit of creative thinking, expressions and experimentation. In this regard the school magazine ‘The Springhites’ has played a vital role as a platform for the students to think, reflect, create and innovate in a multitude of languages and literary genres.

As a principal I have been fortunate enough to get full support of the school management, teachers, students and above all the parents in all my endeavors that I have pursued in the interest of the school. I must say that I could not have fulfilled my duties as a principal without their support.

The school has shown tremendous progress in almost all the spheres of learning.

I congratulate the entire editorial team for the successful publication of the school magazine. I hope ‘The Springhites’ will continue to evolve as a creative and vibrant space for the students to nurture their literary talent.

Wish you a happy reading experience!
Dr. D.P. Purohit