Teacher’s Day Celebration

“A good education can change anyone. A good teacher can change everything.”

On 5th September, 2023 our school celebrated Teacher’s Day to acknowledge the dedication and hard work of the teachers. Teacher’s Day is celebrated as the birthday of our former president Dr. SarvepalliRadha Krishnan, who was a great Scholar, teacher and a philosopher. For the first half the senior students of Class XII took change as teachers and taught the junior students, for which they were judged by the selected teachers. Teacher’s Day function held in second half in School Hall which was beautifully decorated.

The whole program was organized by Class IX, X, XI and XII and the teacher’s incharge were Ms. VenitaRawat and Ms. Shalini Shah.

The program started by the lightning of the lamp by our Chairperson’s Managing Director’s Principal Sir and Coordinators. The program started with the ramp walk by the teachers.

The students performed various activities like dance, song, drama etc. Teachers were presented with beautiful slogans and gifts as a pleasant surprise for the teachers. Students also organized a fun game (musical chair) for teachers to entertain them.

Finally the program ended with the motivating speech by our respected Principal Sir who appreciated the hard work of teachers to bring out the best in our students. Lastly the day ended with a delicious lunch.